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Campus One

A modern, fully customizable site builder platform.

Whether you want to build an e-learning platform, a social network or the next big marketplace, Campus One is the platform for you.

Our platform is truly flexible, super fast, search engine-optimized, and built on a modern stack that’s primed and ready for the next decade. As cheesy as it sounds, the only limit is your imagination — literally. Sounds interesting? Schedule a demo below.

Found Leads

A landing page and lead-gen website builder for real estate agents.

Let’s be honest: Most real estate websites are ugly, overwhelming and hard to use.

We wanted to make it a breeze for any real estate agent to create relevant websites that are easy-to-use, blazing fast and fully optimized for search engines. Websites that not only provide valuable information to interested buyers, but also help capture leads for the agents themselves. Learn more →

Banana Proxy

A modern, secure and ultra-fast reverse proxy with automatic TLS certificates.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for the average person to use their own domain on our various platforms, so we built the Banana Proxy. Just point your DNS records to an IP address and voila! No API calls needed.

Sounds like a perfect fit for your SaaS, IaaS or platform? Drop us a line.

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